Engineer II (Pipelines) C12-2295


Job Type

Direct Hire


Pittsburg PA – approximately 6 months and then Houston TX


*       Department Operations - May assist or be responsible for department operations activities such as: Encourage project team knowledge of and compliance with department guidelines and company procedures. Assist in Identifying project or department issues and forward to department management team. Attempt to resolve inter-discipline, vendor, and client issues before elevating to department management team. Review/forward expense claims to department management.

*       Department Communications - May assist or be responsible for department communications activities such as: Attend/participate in periodic department meetings. Assist in identifying department risk/liability concerns and forward to department management.

*       Health, Safety, and Environmental- Support, participate in, and ensure use of health, safety, and environmental (HSE) programs. Facilitate atmosphere of concern for HSE issues.

*       Business Development Support - May assist or be responsible for business development activities such as: Maintain latest career information on resume and encourage maintenance of latest career information on employee resumes. May support business development proposal efforts. Maintain positive working relationships with client contacts, suppliers, installation contractors, other engineering consultants, and external agencies.

*       New Employee Orientation - Identify required employee skills/competencies. Support new employee orientation activities. Facilitate atmosphere where new employees first impressions are positive.

*       Employee Allocation Program - May assist or be responsible for employee allocation program activities such as: Determine project staffing levels and skill set requirements and communicate to direct supervisor. Authorize employee timesheet submissions for project chargeable hours. May attend/participate in department resource allocation meeting. Approve project team vacation requests. Ensure project team vacation coverage and workarounds. Support employee reallocation and unplanned employee absence activities.

*       Employee Development Program- Mentor/train and facilitate mentorship/training of department employees. Participate in and facilitate external training, internal engineering design systems (EDS)/engineering applications (EA) training, and internal department training.

*       Employee Performance Management Program - Forward employee/team achievements and employee performance issues to department management. Participate in performance reviews. Participate in employee/team recognition activities.

*       Employee Departures - May assist in identifying chronic or systemic employee concerns. Assist in conducting planned departures or facilitate unplanned employee departures.

*       Technical Competency Assurance Program - May assist or be responsible for technical competency assurance activities such as: Encourage project team knowledge of and compliance with department Engineering Practices. Enforce employee adherence to generally accepted engineering/design practice. Support standardization of calculations/analyses/studies/reports. Support standardization of equipment specifications/data sheets/selection. Contribute to engineering/design knowledge. Encourage use of intranet based technical resources. Enforce adherence to regulatory codes and standards. Enforce adherence to engineering laws and guidelines. Enforce adherence to client guidelines, standards, and specifications whenever viable and lawful. Enforce adherence to corporate guidelines.

*       Quality Assurance/Quality Control Program - May assist or be responsible for quality assurance/quality control activities such as: Encourage project team knowledge of and compliance with department quality assurance and quality control guidelines. Plan/participate in technical audits. Support CAD checking and incorporation of comments. Support engineering/design technical checking and incorporation of comments.

*       Project Scope/Cost/Time Management - Be knowledgeable regarding the project scope/cost/time requirements and assist team in meeting expectations. Advises direct supervisor and/or Engineering and Project Management team regarding any issues, staffing requirements, progress slippage, scope changes, budget overruns, or other events that could affect project completion and/or profitability. May assist or be responsible for project scope/cost/time management. Establish the project scope, cost, and time requirements with the client, and maintain the engineering scope control documents, engineering cost estimates, and engineering project schedule. Determine the project scope battery limits with the local utility, other consulting companies, and equipment vendors and provide information and back check the construction cost estimate and construction schedule. Maintain a record of client preferred design options, client preferred equipment configurations and scope changes. Obtain client approval of deliverables.

*       Project Quality Management - Be knowledgeable regarding the project quality management requirements and assist team in meeting expectations. May assist or be responsible for project quality management. Create project quality plan, monitor project quality assurance and quality control activities, and recommend quality improvements.

*       Project Risk Management - May assist or be responsible for project risk management. Participate in project risk assessment process, identify ongoing risks, develop workaround plans and manage ongoing risks.

*       Project Communication Management - May assist or be responsible for project communication management. Execute inter-discipline reviews of deliverables, distribute deliverables, send originals/copies to central filing, handle electronic files with the client, and dispose of unretained documents.

*       Project Human Resource Management - May assist or be responsible for project human resource management. Mentor and provide technical guidance to direct reports on project. Identify skills requirements, recommend training as required.

*       Project Procurement Management - May assist or be responsible for project procurement management. Assess supplier capabilities and make recommendations to client, respond to supplier questions, complete bid tabulation and make recommendation to client, and handle supplier change requests.

*       Engineering Calculations/ Analyses/ Studies - Gathers data from multiple sources. Prepares engineering calculations, engineering analyses, and engineering studies. Writes final report and makes recommendations.


*       BS or MS in related field or applicable discipline, typically an engineering degree; or equivalent experience if allowed by law. Thorough knowledge of applicable theories, practices, and accepted procedures. Generally 3-5 years of experience in field with BS, or 1-3 years of experience in field with MS; EIT or relevant professional registration preferred.

*       Recognized expertise within area of focus. Uses best practices to solve functional issues and improve programs and/or processes in support of organizational business challenges. Participates in plan implementation. Independently works through individual projects and/or plays key role in broader projects. Relies on systemic thinking and understanding of broader organizational implications of the work being performed to solve problems.

*       Computer proficiency required. Proficient with engineering software applications; Strong analytical and problem solving skills. Accuracy and attention to detail important. Ability to meet deadlines and manage priorities somewhat important. Strong written and verbal communication skills in English are critical. Usually able to explain why things are done they way they are within a broader organizational context.

*       Commitment to customer service and ability to work in a team-oriented environment. Ability to maintain confidential information is critical.

*       Generally characterized as a "Independent Contributor" with ability to discover issues and recommend solutions to business problems uncovered during course of performing assignments. Able to work independently on the more varied and complex tasks and/or functional leadership without direct supervision as needed. Provides expertise and guidance to less experienced individuals.

*       Typically will regularly interface with departmental staff and lower, middle and upper management, and frequently with outside customers.

*       General attributes required of all employees include: Zero Harm, Action Orientation, Building Effective Business Relationships, Commitment, Customer Focus, Dealing with Change, Drive for Results, Integrity and Trust, and Basic Leadership Skills.

*       Willingness to travel or to accept field assignments preferred.

*       Willingness to engage in professional associations preferred.

*       Ability to work effectively in teams.


This position will allow individuals to use knowledge already gained on pipeline projects and accumulate more experience in a variety of pipeline projects working as part of a close knit team. Duties include the design of pipeline and pipeline facilities, review of AutoCAD drawings for completion and accuracy, project estimating and scheduling, and other tasks.




Required Skills/Experience:

• 5+ years’ experience in design of onshore pipelines & facilities
• Bachelors degree in Engineering (Civil or Mechanical preferred, although all technical degrees will be considered)
• Previous pipeline experience is necessary
• Ability to work as part of a team
• Knowledge of codes and regulations is necessary
• Strong written and verbal communication is a must
• Engineer In Training or Professional Engineering license preferred

• Legal authorization to work in the USA on a full-time basis